Success in any arena is a combination of a series of steps and activity that leads to creating the results you want. The advantage of coaching is the difference between common failure and predictable success.

Meet Scott Anthony

“My passion is for families and encouraging people like you to believe in your dreams – then help make them come true.”

I love to help raise people’s self-confidence and belief in themselves. Was a high school dropout, then went on to

make millions in business against all the odds – and can show you how you can too.

I love helping people find their passion, understand their fears, and create life, love, relationships,

and business they love, so they can show their KIDS how they can do it too.

If you are tired of the life you have been living and you want to get back in control of your income, your potential

and show your family how they can do it too… reach out and I’ll send you some

information that helped me find a way through the confusion and create a life I love and help other people achieve too.

Continue to do things alone and get more of the same results or frustrations you are already experiencing.

Get help and have someone encourage, guide, and support you to get the results you really want, and FAST.

People and Celebrities Scott Anthony has met, interviewed, or does business with.

Tech Billionaire Erik Simons

Fitness Expert

Jillian Michaels


Vince Vaughn

Vanilla Ice


Bruce Buffer

Dr Phil

Fred Fishback

George Ross

Tony Robbins

JT Foxx

Russell Brunson

Jeff Walker

Christian Mickelsen

Suits Gabriele Macht

Jenna Kutcher

Satisfied Clients


Daniel G.

Scott's coaching, his system E² method is an absolute game changer!



It was the most unbelievable experience. I saw 10 steps ahead in my business. Not only did Scott give me the strategy, he also gave me the practical steps, the framework of how my business can work and all in a very digestible and practical way. Scott, I can't thank you enough.



After one phone call, we took my price offering from $4000 to $95,000. I gave it to one client as a proposal using Scott's method, and no questions were asked. My client bought my program. Scott's processes are incredible, and I have been working with him ever since.



Scott's methods of systems such as The E² method and his coaching have entirely transformed not just my relationships, and my confidence but also my sales skills, my business, and my life.

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